Basketmouth – Goal Keeper ft. Shatta Wale & Bayanni

Nigerian comedian and musician Basketmouth has teamed up with Shatta Wale and Nigerian singer Bayanni to release a fresh track titled “Goal Keeper.” This lively song is part of Basketmouth’s latest album “Uburu.”

“Goal Keeper” combines the musical talents of these artists to create an entertaining and upbeat track. The fusion of Shatta Wale’s dancehall vibes and Bayanni’s vocals adds an exciting dynamic to the song. Basketmouth, known for his humor, takes a musical leap with this collaboration.

The song’s title, “Goal Keeper,” hints at a sports-related theme, and the track is likely to bring energy and enthusiasm to any listening experience. It’s a testament to the ability of artists from different backgrounds and genres to come together and create a captivating piece of music.

Basketmouth’s foray into music shows his versatility as an entertainer. “Goal Keeper” is just one example of how he can engage audiences through both comedy and music. As a comedian and musician, he brings a unique perspective to his creative projects.

For fans of Shatta Wale, Bayanni, and Basketmouth, “Goal Keeper” is a track that combines diverse elements to deliver an enjoyable listening experience. It’s a lively and spirited song that’s sure to brighten up your playlist. Download “Goal Keeper” to experience the collaboration of these talented artists.


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