Sakawa boy shot to death after buying range rover

Sakawa boy shot to death after buying range rover. A 23-year-old game boy aka fraud boy has met his untimely death after he was killed by some unknown assailants in his home.

The young man who has been identified as Akwesi Boakye according to his father is a game boy who frauds white people for money.

According to him, one of his friends who was at the scene narrated that they had returned to the victim’s house after acquiring a brand new range rover and were at home.

He went on to say around 2 am, the victim received a call from someone asking him to come out and cover his brand new car because there was no need in covering his old car when he has acquired a Range Rover.

His father continued that his son’s friend told them that after he had stepped out to go and cover the car, he heard a gunshot from outside but on rushing back into the house he was shot in the neck again.

The friend claims he rushed out of bed to see what was happening only to meet him in a pool of blood. He tried to rush him to the hospital but couldn’t open the doors because they had locked automatically.

A source who spoke to the father also stated that after the police got to the scene, they didn’t see the keys to the Range Rover and any money in the house.

Hours later when they returned to the house, they now found the keys and an amount of Ghc 2,500 in the house.

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The friend who was picked up by the police and later granted bail, according to the reporter is currently nowhere to be found.

Watch the video below: Sakawa boy shot to death after buying range rover.

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