How To Read Your Partner’s Messages Without Their Phones

How To Read Your Partner’s Messages Without Their Phones
How To Read Your Partner’s Messages Without Their Phones

Having a partner who loves to spend more hours on social media is somehow heart-breaking.

The painful part of this is when he or she starts to hide his or her phone from you. If a your partner tends to spend too much hours on his or her phone and always hides from you then something should tell you he is hiding something from you that you shouldn’t find out. Relationship basically means ‘’The two must be able to share everything together without any limitations’’.

Social media makes it easy for your partner to cheat on you and this is the simple 9 steps to figure it out.

1. You need to launch your browser (Chrome on Pc Or Phone or Safari) and go to Sp0m .com

Screenshot 20210925 174337 Telegram
2. Click Sign Up at the right side of your screen

Screenshot 20210925 174354 Telegram
3. Sign Up with your information

4. After signing up the website will take you back to the login page and this is where you will enter your provided username and password

Screenshot 20210925 174609 Telegram

5. After successfully login The homepage looks like this

Screenshot 20210925 174628 Telegram
6. If you would want to access your partners Instagram account, Select 2 at the bottom of the page and, then click on ‘’INSTA FOLLOWERS’’ And tap English.

Screenshot 20210925 174719 Telegram
7. Now copy the link and share to your partner by whatsapp or where your do have conversation with him or her. If he or she follows the link and enter his email and password and clicks login, you will be notified in your Sp0m account with the login details.

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8. If incase the link is too long for you, you can use any shortlink website like to shorten it.

9. Copy the link and send him after shortening it.

10. To Check Logins to his or her account, You may need to select Victims from the Accounts Menu.

Drop a comment if this worked for you.

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