Why Do Rock Songs Have Sad And Angry Words, Decreasing The Real Value Of Life?

Why Do Rock Songs Have Sad And Angry Words
Why Do Rock Songs Have Sad And Angry Words

Why Do Rock Songs Have Sad And Angry Words, Decreasing The Real Value Of Life? Why does the overwhelming majority of young people who will take their own lives when they grow up choose to do so in the shadow of a bitterly-worded rock song? Why do these people let the words of a song condemn them to die for something they don’t want to die for? The reason behind all these questions is simple.

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Defiant Lyrics Makes You Feel Invincible:

The explanation is that the most obnoxious and belligerent lyrics may make you feel powerful, and any assumption that we’re all special and unique as children can keep us from seeing the magnitude of our existence. Those statements are really just metaphors for our fears: that we aren’t good enough, that we aren’t as skilled as everyone else, and that we aren’t the worthwhile and valuable persons we imagine ourselves to be.

Lyrics Can Make You Feel Disappointed and Hearted:

At a certain age, we now are scared of being incorrect, of failing to measure up, of being diminished in some way, of disappointing or hurting someone, of our goals, collapsing, or even dying. And maybe we’ll be wrong, and we’ll be diminished, disappointed, injure someone, fall apart, or perhaps die as a result of it. To summarize, the essential factor we can do for many children is to believe in ourselves. Of course, in my view, believing in a dream is nearly always considerably easier than really living it.

Focus on Your Real Strengths and Creativity:

It’s frequently all we have, and it can help tremendously to focus on the brilliance of our inner life — our compassion, generosity, curiosity, and creativity. It might help us put things in perspective and inspire us to keep going. And if we believe strongly enough in our own humanity, we will motivate others, including ourselves. And if we can hold on for the next day, two days, or even months, we begin to feel that our ambitions are feasible and that perhaps we are the remarkable and distinctive individuals we aspire to be.

Wrong Believes and Culture:

The perception that we aren’t the best or most important persons we can be is a product of a culture that is unfriendly to people who aren’t like us. And if that’s what we must believe, it will be extremely difficult to break free from our self-imposed cage. As a result, kids who write sad and furious lyrics and those who listen to rock music are more likely to wind up in prison, or on a violent road, or both. These lyrics have an impact on people’s brains and emotions.

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Concluding Words:

We often think of Dio’s own unique experience and how he came to produce such phrases, despite the surface meaning in such lyrics. We are ecstatic that such lovely lyrics could have originated from the tormented mind of a person who couldn’t envision himself existing. It’s a shame that we’re all so focused on trying to be someone else we’re not that we’ve lost sight of the amazing things we are already.


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