How To Get 5 Gigabyte Data For 5 Cedis On MTN

How To Get 5 Gigabyte Data For 5 Cedis On MTN
How To Get 5 Gigabyte Data For 5 Cedis On MTN

Purchasing data in Ghana is currently one of the day-to-day activities that takes more of our monies. This new trick will save you from buying expensive Mtn bundles for your daily or weekly activities. The MTN Zone bundle gives you cheap daily bundles ranging from 50 Ghana Pesewas to 5 Ghana Cedis.

The package do change depending on how often you purchase internet bundle. But most prices ranges from 1 cedis to 5 Ghana cedis. On the new Mtn Zone you can get 1 Gigabyte data for GHC1.50, 2gigabyte data for GHC2, 5gigabyte data for GHC3.


1. Dial *135*55*1# to Activate this offer to your Sim
Users who are subscribed to services like free after one minute offer will get those offers deactivated automatically to enable this work.


2. After activating your number for the offer, the next thing you have to do is to Dial *135*2*1# to check the available offers for your number. Here you need to choose your preferred package. After proceeding you have to patiently wait for a notification of the offer you subscribed to.

I tried this with my number and this was the options I had.
1. 1GB For 1 Day @ GHC2.99
2. 2GB For 1 Day @ GHC3.99
3. 5GB For 1 Day @ GHC 5.99
Yours could be cheaper than mine.
NOTE: Any of the offers you purchase will last for hours. You will need to re subscribe in the next day whether you were able to use all or not.

Leave us a comment if this worked for you.

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