Shatta Wale’s boss-lady drops 18 jaw-dropping secrets about Michy



Shatta Wale’s boss-lady drops 18 jaw-dropping secrets about Michy. From cheating allegations to NAM1’s mouth-watering promises to nasty bedroom issues, here are 18 jaw-dropping revelations Shatta Wale’s childhood girlfriend, Magdalene Love (Magluv), made about Michy.

Ghanaian dancehall star Shatta Wale and baby-mama Diamond Michelle, also known as Michy, have been quiet about the cause of their breakup. But the singer’s childhood girlfriend and boss-lady, Magdalene Love’s recent revelations explain why they are no more together.

Michy put herself in the firing line over the weekend when she disclosed that Shatta Wale doesn’t take responsibility for their child, Alexander Majesty. Right after her statement, Magdalene Love, who is in charge of Shatta Wale’s Reign Clothing, took to her Instagram page to share some jaw-dropping revelations about Michy and why she and Shatta broke up.

Below are 18 revelations Magluv made about Michy.

1. She was caught cheating several times

According to Magluv, Shatta Michy was caught cheating on several occasions and she had to step in to resolve her relationship issues. She said one time, Michy switched off CCTV cameras and brought home a guy to sleep with her.

2. Michy used to go to Tema with friends just to sexually satisfy herself

Magluv said when Michy and Shatta Wale were together, Michy would go to Tema with a friend called Fareeda to f**k themselves.

3. Ara-B was arrested and detained for exposing Michy

Ara B, a confidant of Shatta Wale, was arrested and detained on the dancehall star’s orders after he exposed Michy’s cheating habit.

4. Michy didn’t cook for Shatta Wale

Michy had zero respect for Shatta Wale when they were together, according to Magluv. She didn’t cook at home. She would always send Magluv to buy Shatta Wale food.

5. Michy changed towards Shatta Wale after NAM1 showed her money

Her attitude towards Shatta completely changed after the embattled CEO of Zylofon Media, Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1), spoiling her with money.

6. Michy beefed Becca over NAM1

According to Magluv, despite being together with Shatta, Michy fought afro-pop songstress Becca and insulted her on several occasions over NAM1.

7. NAM1 promised to buy her Trade Fair Centre so she can ditch Shatta Wale

In a bid to snatch her from Shatta, NAM1 promised to buy Michy the Ghana International Trade Fair Centre and convert it into a shopping mall. Michy believed it.

8. Calling Shatta Wale a ‘bush man’

Magluv said Michy used to come home angry and used derogatory words like ‘bush man’ to describe Shatta Wale. That was the beginning of the end of their relationship.

9. Faking domestic violence

When there’s a misunderstanding or fight at home, Michy would intentionally hurt herself, snap and post on social media, said Magluv. She said Michy had a mission to prove to NAM1 that Shatta brings his ‘violent behaviour’ home.

10. Michy robbed Shatta Wale’s side chick

When Michy found out that Shatta Wale had a secret lover, she stormed her house with her ‘lesbian’ friends to rob her at East Legon, Accra. The lady relocated because of Michy.

11. Shatta Michy is a lesbian

The lady in Shatta Wale’s infamous BJ video was Michy’s lesbian friend and she is the one who introduced her to the singer. She also had another lesbian partner called Dunia.

12. Michy had sex with Shatta in front of Magluv

She did it during a studio session right in front of Magluv.

13. She had threesomes with Shatta Wale

Michy had threesomes with Shatta Wale, but when she invited Madluv, she turned her down. “She thought Shatta won’t leave her due to the threesomes and sexual satisfaction,” said Magluv.

14. Michy took Majesty to meet Wizkid without Shatta Wale’s consent

Her lesbian friend, Dunia, exposed her when she saw Shatta Wale and Burna Boy at the same venue the following day. When Shatta confronted Michy and seized her phone, she attacked him with scissors. Michy packed out when Shatta Wale had access to her phone. She took Shatta’s car, faked its document and sold it.

15. NAM1 rented a furnished apartment for Michy at Trassaco

During their early days, NAM1 reported rented an apartment at Trassaco and furnished it for Michy.

16. NAM1 promised Michy $1 million, funded her breast implant and lipo

After renting the apartment for her, NAM1 gave her money to perform lipo and further promised her USD1 million. It’s not clear if NAM1 fulfilled the UDS1 million promise.

17. NAM1 signed Shatta Wale to compensate him for sleeping with Michy

Shatta Wale’s Zylofon Media label deal happened to cover up the mess created by Michy and NAM1. After Shatta realised that Michy and NAM1 were cheating, he confronted the Zylophone Media boss. According to Magluv, NAM1 couldn’t sleep after Shatta Wale told him he ‘gives his issue to God.’ A record deal was finalised as compensation.

18. Emelia Brobbey slept with Shatta Wale

The Kumawood actress planned to link up a man to Michy after sleeping with Shatta Wale. Magluv said she told Michy not to put all her eggs in one basket.

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