Kelvyn Boy – Vero

Ghanaian’s afrobeat sensation, Kelvyn Boy, is back with a captivating new track that is sure to get fans grooving. Titled “Vero,” this latest release showcases Kelvyn Boy’s incredible talent and unique musical style. Following the success of his previous hit, “Be Like That,” Kelvyn Boy continues to establish himself as one of the most promising artists in the Ghanaian music scene.

“Vero” is a vibrant Afrobeat tune that seamlessly blends catchy melodies with infectious rhythms. From the moment the song begins, listeners are instantly captivated by its energetic vibe and irresistible groove. Kelvyn Boy’s smooth vocals effortlessly glide over the pulsating beats, creating a sonic experience that is both enjoyable and addictive.

As a Ghanaian artist, Kelvyn Boy proudly represents his nation’s rich musical heritage. With “Vero,” he continues to contribute to the ever-growing popularity of Afrobeat music worldwide. The genre has gained immense traction in recent years, captivating audiences around the globe with its infectious rhythms and vibrant sound. Kelvyn Boy’s unique style and undeniable talent shine through in “Vero,” further cementing his place within the Afrobeat movement.

Kelvyn Boy’s ability to infuse his music with authenticity and passion is one of the key factors that set him apart from his peers. His deep understanding of Ghanaian culture and music allows him to create songs that resonate with both local and international audiences. “Vero” serves as a testament to Kelvyn Boy’s dedication to his craft, as he consistently delivers music that is both entertaining and meaningful.

With “Vero,” Kelvyn Boy showcases his versatility as an artist. While he is primarily known for his Afrobeat sound, this track displays his willingness to experiment with different musical elements. The song incorporates elements of other genres, adding an exciting and refreshing twist to Kelvyn Boy’s signature style. This willingness to explore new sonic territories sets him apart from his peers and solidifies his status as an artist to watch.

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Kelvyn Boy’s talent and passion for music shine through in every aspect of “Vero.” From the well-crafted lyrics to the flawless production, every element of the song showcases his dedication to creating exceptional music. The track’s catchy hooks and infectious melodies make it an instant favorite among fans, while its underlying message adds depth and substance to the overall listening experience.

As a Ghanaian artist, Kelvyn Boy continues to make his mark on the international music scene. His unique sound and captivating performances have garnered attention from music enthusiasts worldwide. With “Vero,” he further solidifies his position as an artist who is destined for greatness.


Vero Vero, I no fi live without you, yeah
Send me locay and I go pull up on you
Wherever you dey I go dey o
I no fi live without you
Be like she give me codeine o
‘Cause it dey slow me for days oh ey

[Post-Chorus] Be my woman
Want make you be my woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, woman
Want make you be my woman, woman, woman
Be my woman
Want make you be my woman, woman, woman, woman, woman, woman
Want make you be my woman, woman, woman


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I hear " My son, your time has come to shine..." ✊🏿⚫️

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