Shatta Wale – Richer Than Last Year

Shatta Wale – Richer Than Last Year: A Look at the Latest Dancehall Hit of 2023


Shatta Wale, the Ghanaian dancehall artiste, and producer have done it again. With the release of his latest album “MAALI” in early 2023, he has delivered a fresh new sound that is taking the world by storm. The album features a range of tracks that showcase Shatta Wale’s unique blend of reggae, dancehall, and Afrobeat, with the standout single being “Richer Than Last Year”.

“Richer Than Last Year” is a testament to Shatta Wale’s ability to create hits that resonate with audiences. The song is an upbeat, feel-good track that celebrates the artiste’s success and wealth. From the opening bars, it’s clear that Shatta Wale is in his element, with his distinctive voice and flow immediately capturing the listener’s attention.


The production of “Richer Than Last Year” is top-notch, with Shatta Wale taking on the role of the producer himself. The beat is a fusion of traditional Ghanaian rhythms and modern dancehall elements, with heavy bass and percussion driving the track forward. The use of horns and other instruments adds to the rich, layered sound, creating a track that is both catchy and sophisticated.

Lyrically, “Richer Than Last Year” is an ode to Shatta Wale’s success and accomplishments. He boasts about his achievements, from his hit songs to his growing wealth, and encourages listeners to celebrate their own victories. The song’s uplifting message is underscored by its infectious chorus, which encourages listeners to sing along and embrace the positive energy.

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The release of “Richer Than Last Year” has made waves in the dancehall scene, with many praising Shatta Wale’s ability to consistently deliver hits. The song’s success has also brought attention to the wider trend of dancehall music’s increasing popularity in 2023. As one of the latest dancehall songs of the year, “Richer Than Last Year” is a prime example of the genre’s versatility and staying power.

In conclusion, Shatta Wale’s “Richer Than Last Year” is a standout track from his latest album “MAALI”, showcasing his unique blend of reggae, dancehall, and Afrobeat. The song’s infectious beat, uplifting lyrics, and Shatta Wale’s trademark voice and flow make it a hit with audiences worldwide. As one of the latest dancehall songs of 2023, it is a testament to the genre’s continued growth and appeal.



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