Omar Sterling – Death Before Dishonor

This is a throwback song by Ghanaian rapper of the R2bees Fame – Omar Sterling. The song is called Death Before Dishonor. It was released in 2018 as a freestyle. 

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Artist: Omar Sterling
Album: Death Before Dishonor
Released: 2018
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap, Afrobeats
Listen to it below and share. 


Yo Darko, wah be the time
7:27 real time
Death before dishonour
I promise on my honor
Do what you want but
Remember life is full of karma
As a lil kid i knew this shit like my grandma
Look at me now
Your president like Obama
We’re all here in Bahamas
Smoking Cubannas
I came here with my girl
She forgot about all the dramas
She wanna introduce me to her mama
Dapper Don Sterling Real Oman and I’m from Ghana
Happy times buh we still write sad stories
Cheat your way up I call that win sad glory
Victory through harmony
All of us got to win, it’s lonely at the top
All of my friends have to flourish
Bring them on tour like dem motherfucking tourists
They don’t even rap but I can put them on the chorus
Focus on the focus everything else is bogus
Yi ne low na hy3 ne high mesee mentadie no y3 low cost
2001 my mum’s telling her son
Always face your problems boy don’t ever run
Live by the gun you’ll die by the gun
So when you take shots take one back like a man
2006 my sister fell in love
She swore this love came from up above
A few weeks later boy she was in shock
Kwakwalobite no it’s not a dove
Born in a gutter raised in a night time
Can’t see no right signs, stuck with this mob ties
G G G G-UNIT get rich or die trying
Goyee ma blood type look how we now shine
Thousands fall for the loud don’t waste my high
Another big block for the watch don’t waste my time
Mediocre rap music will drop don’t waste a dime
Cos all this flow is for free whenever mind
My best friend fell potorr all i did was held him up
Last time I hit the ground all he said was well enough
Come here boy he picked me up
Buckle up let’s make a move
What you do for others you only do for you
You losing friends now, the money and the fame
They came with terms now
All of this for what it don’t make sense no
Baby you my ride or die you my Benz o
Don’t worry about my ex she in a friend zone
We might talk once a while she just a friend tho
Hottest in the city is only right
Girls love the boy tell your friends so
Represent o, I’m back like your spinal chord
Back like Buk Bak, back like your school bag
They ask where Mugz at
2-Bees too dope, too dope like coke crack
Flow unpredictable but focused on the hook part
They say I gotta rap more, write a lot of rap songs
I’m protecting the state of mind at all cost back off
Every verse you hear bro hat’s off, fuck sorr
Blow money like we hit the fucking jackpot
Harder than your collarbone, harder than your knee cap
Once living a fast life everyday we speed up
Deuces peace out, roll up trees up, chill pleaser
Again greetings young Kings and Queens
I send positivity your way
Please take it easy in this life a day at a time
Don’t be in a hurry going nowhere
Having never left the house you’re looking for your way home
What you need will only come to you if
You do not ask for what you don’t need
Everyday we see and read of appalling things happening in the world
As a result of violence in man
You may say I can’t do anything about it
Or how can I influence the world
I think you can tremendously influence the world
If you yourself are not violent
If you lead actually everyday a peaceful life
A life which is not competitive, ambitious, envious
A life which does not create enmity, confusion
Small fires can become a blaze
Bless up
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Omar Sterling



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