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Video: Fameye made chief in Wasa. Ghanaian highlife performer Peter Fameyeh, referred to by many just as Fameye, has been enstooled as a chief in Wasa in the Western Region of Ghana. The chief and elders of Wasa enstooled Fameye as “ Wasa Nyankonton” (meaning Wasa Rainbow) on Saturday, October 30, 2021.

The singer poured libations after his enstoolment. His enstoolment ceremony was conducted ahead of his Family Concert. According to the chief of the area Nana Sepre II, Fameye’s enstoolment is to recognise him for uplifting the name and image of the Wasa and Bogoso communities through his music.

“Famaye has raised the name of Wasaman and and Bogoso. The name I want to give Fameye today among all the musicians in Ghana is ‘Wasa Nyankonton’” the chief said amid claps and cheers from his elders and everyone present.

Fameye appreciated the deeds of the chief and his elders for honouring him.

“I will like to thank the chief and elders for this title and honour gave me. I thank him so much and everyone present. I assure the chief and elders that I will not relent but work to lift the name of Wasaman. As a youth, I will deploy all means possible to help the youth,” he added.

Watch video of the ceremony below; Video: Fameye made chief in Wasa.

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