Diana Hamilton – The Doing Of The Lord Ft. Mercy Chinwo

Ghanaian Gospel sensation, Diana Hamilton, joins forces with the talented Mercy Chinwo from Nigeria to unveil their latest musical creation, “The Doing Of The Lord.” This soul-stirring Gospel piece, born from the synergy of two musical powerhouses, promises to be a harmonious celebration of faith and gratitude.

Diana Hamilton, a recipient of multiple prestigious awards, and Mercy Chinwo, a celebrated Nigerian artist, bring their unique talents together in this 2024 release. The enchanting melody of “The Doing Of The Lord” is more than just a song; it’s a heartfelt expression of gratitude to the divine. With poignant lyrics that touch the depths of the soul, it narrates a personal journey of triumph, proclaiming, “I am a living testimony of the Goodness of the Lord.”


Indeed, the collaboration is a testament to the extraordinary works of the Lord, weaving a narrative of thanksgiving and reflection. The lyrics prompt introspection, asking the profound question, “What shall I render to You?” This introspective moment invites listeners to consider their own blessings and express gratitude for the benevolence they’ve experienced.

Diana Hamilton and Mercy Chinwo seamlessly blend Christian vibes with the rich tapestry of Highlife rhythms. The result is a musical masterpiece that not only entertains but also serves as a conduit for a spiritual connection with the divine. The infectious melodies, coupled with the artists’ powerful lyrical abilities, effortlessly guide the listener into a reflective space, fostering a deeper communion with God.

Diana Hamilton The Doing Of The Lord Ft Mercy Chinwo image
Diana Hamilton The Doing Of The Lord Ft Mercy Chinwo image

As you immerse yourself in the melodic waves of “Diana Hamilton – The Doing Of The Lord Ft Mercy Chinwo,” you’ll find a sanctuary of worship within its verses. The song invites you to partake in a shared experience of faith and gratitude, making it a perfect anthem for communal worship gatherings. The transition between verses and chorus is seamless, creating a captivating musical journey that resonates with the human spirit.

The collaborative effort doesn’t merely stop at the musical aspect but extends to the very essence of the message conveyed. Through the strategic use of transitional words and phrases, the artists guide the listener through a narrative of divine goodness and providence. From the initial chords to the crescendo of the chorus, every note is meticulously crafted to maintain a fluid and engaging storytelling experience.

This musical venture transcends geographical boundaries, uniting listeners in a shared spiritual journey. The seamless fusion of Diana Hamilton’s Ghanaian roots and Mercy Chinwo’s Nigerian influence creates a cultural tapestry that mirrors the diversity of the Gospel message. It’s a celebration of the universal themes of faith, gratitude, and the acknowledgment of divine intervention.

To fully immerse yourself in the profound beauty of “The Doing Of The Lord,” take a moment to stream the audio below. As you do, consider sharing this musical gem with friends and loved ones, extending the circle of communal worship and appreciation for the divine. In a world filled with diverse voices, this collaboration stands as a testament to the unifying power of music in celebrating the doing of the Lord.

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