Medikal Is Such An Ungrateful Wicked Person – Okese 1

Medikal Is Such An Ungrateful Wicked Person – Okese 1. The simmering friction between Okese 1 and rapper Medikal is beginning to redevelop into a heated argument fuelled by emotion and resentment.

These two artists who used to be the best of friends are beginning to see each other as the biggest enemy. In fact, they no longer see eye to eye.

Okese 1 has started a new rant on Twitter where he is using strong words on the person of Medikal, describing him as a broke dummy beggar.

This rant comes on the back of earlier tweets by Medikal where he indirectly said Okese 1 is chasing cheap clout and in the process, destroying years of friendship they have built together.

Okese 1 also replied to these words by saying he is destroying his friendship with Medikal because he was snitched upon. He actually said Medikal is an ungrateful being who has not shown appreciation for his kind gestures. Okese 1 also added Medikal needs to shut up and accept his flaws than to be courting the sympathy of his fans.

Check the screenshots out below; Medikal Is Such An Ungrateful Wicked Person – Okese 1.

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