Alkaline – First Touch

Alkaline’s “First Touch” is another addition to his repertoire of dancehall hits. Produced by Autobamb Records, the song brings Alkaline’s signature style to the forefront with its catchy melodies and infectious rhythms.

The lyrics of “First Touch” likely touch upon themes commonly found in dancehall music, such as relationships, attraction, and romantic encounters. Alkaline has a knack for creating songs that resonate with fans and get them moving on the dancefloor, and “First Touch” is likely to follow suit.

Autobamb Records’ production provides a solid backdrop for Alkaline’s vocals, creating a sound that’s both contemporary and rooted in the dancehall tradition. It’s the kind of song that can easily become a favorite in dancehall playlists and club rotations.

Listeners who appreciate Alkaline’s music and the dancehall genre, in general, will likely find “First Touch” to be an enjoyable addition to their playlists. As with many dancehall songs, it’s best experienced with the volume turned up, allowing the beats and rhythms to fully immerse you in the music.


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