Worst Ghanaian Musicians Of All Time


Worst Ghanaian musicians of all time. When it comes to ranking musicians we always concentrate on a list of the best and that’s how it’s always been. The spotlight on the worst is never considered but it’s worth much more than making a list of best musicians. Offlate everyone can make music so far as they have the financial ability.

Music studios are scattered around so everyone can wake up and call himself or herself a musician. Whiles many of these go on to make is proud, many become a headache upon us. When it comes to naming good musicians ever to have graced out Ghanaian music scenes, the list will forever go on.

We will rather have something different. Let’s take a moment to picture the worst musicians ever in the history of Ghana music. Note that this list is a collective opinion of an individual and you are free to challenge it but that won’t come easy.

We will focus mainly from the 90s to this present time and below is a list of The worst Ghanaian musicians of all time.

Emelia brobbey

Emelia Brobbey was born and grew up in Akyem Swedru in the Eastern region of Ghana. She completed Akyem Swedru Secondary School and continued to Presbyterian Teacher’s Training College. She also holds a diploma in Journalism, a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and an ICM certificate in Broadcast Journalism

a Ghanaian actress and television presenter. She won the Best Indigenous Actress of the Year and was nominated for Best Supporting Actress of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards in 2016. She won Best Gallywood Actress and Best Philathropist at the 3G Awards in New York in 2018. She won the 2019 Best Actor Female indigenous at the ZAFAA Global Award which was presented by the African Film Academy Awards.

We all loved sister Emmy and respected her as one of the best actresses of our time until one day, I mean just one day she got up and made the decision to release a song. And on that faithful day 28 million Ghanaians had to bleed from their ears. Even those who were paralyzed from birth gathered the courage to lift themselves up, walk to the radio and switched it off.

Her song ” Fa Me Kor” which have already been added to the 100 ways to die is one of if not the most noisy songs in the history of Ghana music. Social media keyboard gangsters never spared her as the roasted her front and back with trolls and jabs.

And as if that wasn’t enough, she promised to release another song. She’s releasing another song and the sad part is she’s doing so with Czar who himself is a parasite to music. We the entire Ghanaians will be in danger if we allow her to do so.

Currently she is back in town with a new song with kuami Eugene Whiles making a promise of an album. We don’t know where we went wrong to receive all this torture from her. Social media didn’t spare her on her announcement of an album. Check the reactions here; Screenshots : Fans Roast Emelia Brobbey Left Right After She Announced Her Upcoming Album

Secure Pabene

Well this guy just came out of nowhere yelling he’s back, he’s back but to be honest we don’t even know where on earth he was in the first place. We don’t even know his musical background. Not even Google can detail who he is.

He just entered the studio to record one of the most fastest songs Ghanaians have ever heard. He said he’s rapping fast but we actually assume he’s crying fast. He came making noise about how he’s better than sarkodie and bla bla Bla. And then after some unnecessary songs rapping fast fast with no sense and meaning he disappeared into thin air.

We are happy he disappeared in peace. We can’t forgive him for how he polluted our airwaves with his pabene pabene fast rap nonsense. He shouldn’t have ventured into music in the first place but we guess it serves him right for wasting his hard earned money.

Diamond Appiah

Another parasite who thinks been a musician is all about having the money to enter studio and record any nonsense on your mind. For someone called Diamond it’s a pity she got not relation to her name.

We don’t actually know what she is and how she became popular. She’s been an actor, musician and politician and we honestly think she should try her hands on farming so as to save us the stress of seeing her annoying personality on our television screens and having to endure her miserable vocals on our airwaves.


We wished he was still in town but karma served him right by banishing him to the underground along with several other natural minerals. We might one day find him whiles digging for gold or bauxite.

The damaged he caused to our ears was very severe. After his annoying one hit exhausted it’s bundle, he tried several other ways to come back with another hit but God been so good, none of those noise pollution particles disguised as music every reached our dear ears in Jesus name.

He sent his songs to several pastors and mallams to bless it so it can blow but still the God of Isreal was good to us Ghanaians. I wonder why he wasn’t arrested for attempting mass murder. Had we done exclusive research we could have discovered the number of animal lives that went extinct due to sound waves from his music


You can tell why he didn’t last in the industry and his second single, “Abenkwan”, made it worst. Deeba just didn’t have those captivating punchlines that is needed in a rap, he just jumbled words together.

Thanks to Hammer of the Last 2, because it was his beat that saved him and propelled him to make a hit.
We are glad he’s nowhere to be found today, he was never missed and he will never be missed.


Appiah Dankwah, popularly known as Appietus (born 12 March 1977) is a Ghanaian actor musician, music producer and sound engineer based in Accra, Ghana. The name Appietus gained prominence from his signature “Appietus in the mix”. It was, however, coined from the phrase “Appiahs’ Tools”.

He has been the winner of six music industry awards in the 10-year span from the start of his career. He won the Ghana Music Honours 2015 Best Music Producer and Sound Engineer award, Sun Shine Music Awards 2010 Best Sound Engineer award and the UK Ghana Music Awards, Best Sound Engineer in 2008.

His remarkable work has also led him to represent the country in some international programs including WOMEX 2013 in Wales, UK, and Worldtronics in Berlin, Germany, 2012.

Yes no one is denying him his credit as one of if not the greatest music producers of all time in Ghana but please, been a musician was never his thing. He should have stick to music producing. We loved his “Appietus on the mix” jingles at the beginning of our favorite songs produced by him.

But please it was so annoying when he spoil the whole song with his annoying pathetic verses. Azonto Fiesta would have been a classic masterpiece if he hadn’t jumped on with his silly mumbling voice. You honestly can’t even hear what he’s saying.

Not only did he spoil azonto Fiesta, he destroyed several songs he was put on. Daddy lumba and okyeame kwame’s Enshi Wo song would have been better without his intro too. We are not discrediting his contributions to Ghana music, we just saying he shouldn’t have come anywhere close to the mic. Worst Ghanaian Musicians Of all time.


Listening to Czar raps is like cutting onions, it brings tears in your eyes. I won’t even talk much about this Uncle as most of us already know.
C-zar, a native of Nnaso in the Ashanti Region was born in Kumasi in 1972 to Mr. Paul Owusu and Philomena Serwah.

We wished his parents had forced him to stay away from music. He had his primary education at the St. Paul’s Preparatory School in Kumasi.He later entered TI Alhamadiyah Secondary School for his ‘O’ Level in 1993.

According to him, before he left Ghana, he participated in rap competitions with the likes of Lord Kenya, Okyeame Kwame and Okyeame Quophi.

Upon his return from the US, he found them making it in the music industry and this inspired him to join the band wagon.

Just look at that. He thought he could also be a musician. It’s a sad world we live in. Worst Ghanaian Musicians Of all time.

Pharoah ( Akatakyie)

“….Me Pharoah me ne me rap maba maba” ah! Yehowa!!! and this song made a hit. But surprisingly his group Akatakyie made a hit and reigned for some time.

We will say it’s thanks to his other half. Among every two people or a group, there’s the odd one but Pharoah was the cancer. We should all stay away from cancer and cancer should stay away from us.

You will be enjoying Akatakyie songs then Almighty Pharoah will just appear from nowhere with his nonsense raps to kill your appetite. We are glad they went broke and had to stop doing music.

We heard they are trying to make a comeback but so far as we worship a living God, he will save us from the devil. Worst Ghanaian Musicians Of all time.

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