Vim Lady descends heavily on fan for asking when she is going to marry

Popular radio and television presenter, Afia Pokuaa popularly referred to as Vim Lady has descended heavily on a fan who asked her a question she deemed too inquisitive.

Vim Lady posted a photo of herself and one fan, Patrick Ato Bonku, in his comment asked when she was going to get married.

“When are u getting married beautiful LADY?”, Patrick asked on Facebook.

A seemingly incensed Vim Lady who felt Patrick had no business meddling in her personal life, had some harsh response for him saying “when you get busy enough not to waste time thinking about people’s tonga business”.

Displeased by the answer, Patrick pointed out that he did not ask the question out of malice but out of respect and expressed disappointment in the rather harsh answer.
It turned into a whole thread of statements and replies but one this which was clear was the fact the Adom FM news editor who is currently on leave was in no mood such questions.

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