Twitter User Perfectly Details Why Ghanaian Rapper Akan Is A god Amongst Men


Twitter User Perfectly Details Why Ghanaian Rapper Is A god Amongst Men

Twitter User Perfectly Details Why Ghanaian Rapper Is A god Amongst Men. You haven’t seen it all until you take a peep at how Twitter user Skul Son (@skulsonofficial) perfectly broke down each and every reason why Ghanaian rapper Akan (@PureAkan) is the most unique rapper to ever do it in the history of Ghana music.

The surprise of a well detailed tweet just randomly fell in earlier Sunday, August 9th at around 9am to 9:30 AM and so far Twitter critics and music lovers are patrolling his tweet with astonishment.

It is a rare thing to find a well detailed and analyzed breakdown for any rapper especially Ghanaian based but thanks to Skul Son we finally have such a piece. We really hope he continues to do the good work and broaden it further on other musical acts in the country so as to share more spotlight and insight into their musical craft.

The versatile user who doubles up as a journalist and network and communication Guru have been spending some time to interview upcoming artistes in Twitter chats which have been gaining some prominence and having some impacts on their music journeys. We will admit he’s doing a great job and doing his part to serve the creative arts industry of Ghana.

So heading back to the main topic which is the very reason why Ghanaian rapper Akan deserves to be celebrated more than any other rapper, we can’t continue without a brief insight into the historical background of the rapper. To us that knows a bit about him maybe we might want to know more and to us that knows absolutely nothing about him, maybe we deserve to know it all.

Twitter User Breaks Down Why Ghanaian Rapper Akan Is A God Amongst Men.

Bernard Nana Appiah known by the stage name Akan (born c. February 1990) is a Hip life, Hip Hop and highlife musician from Lapaz a suburb of Accra in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. He performs in Twi which is one of the Akan languages in Ghana. Akan attended the St. Johns Grammar Senior High School for his secondary education.

In 2015, Akan released a self titled Project “The Akan EP” that introduced him to the music industry in Ghana. This EP led him to perform at Beatphreaks PhreakOut Live Concert and Chale Wote Street Art Festival 2015 main stage. He later in 2017 released his debut album titled Onipa Akoma under the A-Level Music an indie-label run and managed by himself. In 2018 he celebrated 1 year of the release of his album with a concert at the Alliance Francais D’Accra.

It’s been Three Good years since Akan released his last album which went on as one of if not the greatest albums in the history of Ghana music. It is no doubt considered the best ever rap album ever to be released in Ghana. The Album titled “Onipa Akoma” which translates into English language from Asante Twi As “A man’s heart” lacked nothing to brand it the greatest masterpiece in Ghana.

Ever since since then the versatile and well respected rapper have only done a few features which are worthy of his class and name and released a few mind blowing singles. The most Amazing of them all happens to be “Mensie Da” which features sensational Ghanaian songstress Efia. The song which is too good to avoid is rumored to be off his next album which he himself refuses to give details about until necessary.

Breaking Down why Akan Deserves more recognition than any rapper in Ghana and why he deserves to be celebrated more than any other rapper in Ghana, Skul Son made his Points clear and understandable but deep. We will therefore do our possible best to break it down even further and decipher the hard to swallow facts. Twitter User Perfectly Details Why Ghanaian Rapper Is A god Amongst Men.

“AKan is unique. Saying he can rap now rings like a cliche. Rapping is the easiest part of his craft. He is the only rapper who deserves to be studied in schools be it tertiary levels or high school levels.”

For sure Akan is unique. We barely see a rapper currently touching him in his field. His use of the Ghanaian language will marvel you. With this been said, to have Akan lecturing you is something worth it. His songs contains nothing but elements of pure Akan language and not once will you hear him use anything aside Twi.

And this is not because twi is the only language he knows but rather twi is the language he represents. He does it with so much ease and without even breaking a sweat. It won’t be a surprise if senior high schools and tertiary institutions settle for his songs in their oral aspects of their Ghanaian language studies. He is the only one who’s songs qualifies for that.

” In Ghanaian language and literature his music is the only thing with every aspect available. ”

Just so you may question how influential his songs are on issues of culture and literature aspects of the Akan language, his songs are everything. The presence of Ghanaian language and literature in his songs are the reason they are much more special and unique. His songs are filled with nothing but poetry.

“AKan is a gifted storyteller who eschews braggadocios lyrics and punchlines for thought-provoking couplets that often leaves the listener spellbound.”

You may sometimes think he’s just rapping in his songs only if you aren’t looking things differently. There isn’t a single song from Akan that doesn’t contain one or two stories. Sometimes you wouldn’t know but he’s actually doing it and that’s the Akan effect. His thought provoking stories leaves you spellbound. It will surprising to know that the entire “Onipa Akoma” album is a story about one man. You wouldn’t know unless a reviewer reminds you.

With this it is understandable that a lot of people avoid his music. They are practically lazy to dissolve their brains in pure craftsmanship. They prefer the easy way out which the airplay like songs. Can’t we just simply stick to songs praising a woman and how much endowed she is or soak songs that talks about money, money, money and some more money or a song that literally tells you how some random person is dying for a ladies love as if that love will fix roads in Ghana.

“Akan- someone who doesn’t pander to mainstream pressures and create works that appeal to him rather than satisfy the mainstream market.”

Despite his growing reputation, Akan still reminds himself of his purpose. He is here proudly to make conscious music and nothing else. He doesn’t lust for mainstream attention or get shaken to make radio acceptable music and that is what make him even more unique. Every single song he ever released so far isn’t the type to sell out but rather the type to drown in.

“For any artist seeking to release an album, they need to ask themselves if it measures up to “Onipa Akoma”. Just like “Pae Mu Ka” did in the early 2000s, Akan has mapped out a template for others to follow. That is, inspire a new wave of artists to believe in themselves and create a body of work that they want”

To be the god amongst men, you must first be a leader amongst them. Akan sets that bar straight by inspiring self belief. It will be surprising to know that a lot of people has attempted to to make something appealing but the thought of no one paying attention wards them off. In a country where everyone wants to dance, Akan forced them to listen.

He does this by releasing an album dear to him. Something he was well aware no one will pay that much attention to but came out everyone got to love it. He inspired a lot of people to believe in what they want to do.

“Akan on ‘Onipa Akoma’ has intelligently given us a project so dense and layered that it’d take weeks, months or years to unravel its essence. I won’t be mad if he never releases an album again. What he needs to do now is to let the corners of the country-and those outside- hear this beautiful piece of art.”

Akan Is A Son of Tradition. One will wonder why and how he manages to exhibit all those traditional qualities in his music. The answer is as simple as ABC. He’s a son of tradition. He was brought up the traditional way and exhibition of tradition in his craft is what he does best.

AKan is no doubt the last of his breeds. We don’t remember but the last time a rapper was as versatile with the local language was Obrafuor. Now that Obrafour is slowly hanging up his career the closest thing we have got is Akan and the big surprise is Akan does it best.

The breed of Traditional rappers are all extinct. Currently we can only name Akan. But when he’s gone what’s next? Will the new generation take a similar path as Akan or will the extinction of tradition rappers be 100% completed.

The fake American style of rap is the current go and once Akan is gone a culture is forever lost. There will be no more proud authentic Ghanaian rap music artists. And this will be a bad omen.

Thanks for reading throughout. Just know it’s not the end of it all as Akan got another album coming. We are all here to support what’s good and not what everyone else is supporting. You can still get the “Onipa Akoma” album on all music platforms Whiles waiting for the next one. Twitter User Perfectly Details Why Ghanaian Rapper Is A god Amongst Men.

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