Artist’s Guide to Earning Money from Youtube Channel Memberships

The YouTube channel membership feature allows fans to pay a monthly fee to support their favorite artists’ channels. You can charge your viewers a monthly fee for memberships on YouTube in return for exclusive perks.

You shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity if you’re a YouTuber. However, some YouTubers do not know the right way to use the channel membership feature.

If you are among those Youtubers, then do not worry because this article will surely help you.  Find out how you can utilize this feature to create revenue via this article.


How Do YouTube Channel Memberships Work?

It is possible to have up to five different levels of membership in your membership program. You should take note of these important aspects before starting the channel membership feature.

  • There are 5 perks for each level.
  • All perks offered to lower-level members are automatically available to those at higher levels.
  • Membership levels can be added or removed at any time.
  • Depending on the price, you can offer different perks for every level.

Benefits of YouTube Channel Memberships

The channel membership program is a great way to engage your audience and show them behind-the-scenes content. Your brand can decide what kind of benefits it offers based on what works best for it.

In any case, this feature gives you the ability to engage your fans on a deeper level easily. There are many benefits, including that it is more personal, exclusive, and will help you earn some extra income.

What Types of Content Are Available Through Youtube Channel Memberships?

Setting up a Channel Membership will allow you to offer subscribers some wonderful benefits. Some of these benefits include live streams, videos, emojis, etc.


Organizing these perks and determining who can access them is your responsibility as a creator. Consider providing loyalty badges to level one members who leave comments.

In addition, you might want your live stream to be accessible to level two members only. With so many perks to choose from, you’ll have plenty of choices. Creators can choose between five different membership levels at YouTube.

What Is the Earning Potential with YouTube Channel Memberships?

Channel Memberships are a great way to make money for creators. YouTube allows creators to set their pricing, and they have a lot of options to choose from.

The current fee levels for creators range from $0.99 to $100 per month. For other countries offering Channel Memberships, the equivalent money range applies after currency rates are adjusted.

You may find that not all the money you earn goes straight to you when you start earning. YouTube takes 30% of your revenue while you keep 70%.

If you decide to charge certain amounts for membership, do some math to calculate how much money you could make. You will have to put in additional effort to take advantage of the Channel Membership feature.

Engaging private superfans can be unfamiliar if you only upload videos for the public. In addition to the regular content creation, you’ll also have to offer channel members exclusive perks.

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