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Stop Losing Money On Your Bets – Insure Your Bets With 1xBet & Win Everyday

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Have you ever had so much confidence in your bet slip that you stake very big, then what happens is that just one team out of the lot makes you lose your bet?  It’s so so SAD…..!!!! The funny aspect is that you keep recollecting your lose, and then try to figure out what really went wrong.

Well, I bring you good news and there’s no need to feel heartbroken and sad anymore. This is because 1xBet is in town.

Yes…!!! 1xBet is in town – it is a new betting company with it’s headquarters in Russia but has branches worldwide, and soon to open branches across the Ghana. With 1xBet, you can insure your bets easily. What am I trying to say?

For instance, if you are scared of losing your money after staking your bets, 1xbet gives you the opportunity to insure partly or 100% of your stake. So that when you lose the bet, you’re given your stake money back but when you win, you get all your potential winnings.
Isn’t That Amazing…..???


Assuming you place a bet of 20Ghc on 10 odds and you decide to insure it at 100% of the amount staked. The company would give you 5Ghc insurance, which when you agree to pay and in the unlikely event the bet fails, you get back your full 20Ghc because you put insurance on it.

Wait that’s not all, 1xBet also gives you the opportunity to sell/cash out for the full winning amount when 90% of the bet wins.
What I mean is if you take 20Ghc on 10 matches which the odds is 10, your winning amount would be 200Ghc. With 1xbet, you can cash out for the full 200Ghc winning amount when 9 out of the 10 teams win.
1xBet is the only betting company that gives you this opportunity.

So, my question is – What are you then waiting for? *CLICK HERE* and register (use promo code *WINBIG*), and win some cool cash everyday. And share this news with your friends and family.

Don’t Hesitate or Waste Time To Think Too Much, just CLICK HERE to register right away. And if you having any difficulties, I’m always available to help you out. You can WhatsApp Me On – 0556225735


1. Click Here
3. Tap on *BY EMAIL* or *BY PHONE*
4. Fill in the information, enter WINBIG as promo code and tap on REGISTER.
Congrats, you’ve joined 1xBet, the best betting company in Africa.

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