Review: Black Sherif – Kwaku The Traveller

Black Sherif utilizes this new dramatic song, Kwaku The Traveller, to address the music industry about his management issues while also establishing his place at the top. Social media exploded prior to the release of the latest masterpiece, which addressed several difficult issues. It’s seldom simple to pay tribute to a masterpiece like the Second Sermon remix, but Sherif has it admirably and effortlessly.

In fact, Nigerians are loving the song just as much as Ghanaians are, and it’s now trending on Twitter in the country. Sherif’s tight hold on Ghana, along with his early foray into the Nigerian market, has already given him a significant advantage in his quest to become Ghana’s number one this time around. We are now living in Blacko’s universe.

We first saw the masterpiece during the recently concluded 3 Music Awards, when Blacko stormed the stage and delivered one of the most remarkable performances of all time. Blacko began his set with a mystery song that is now tearing up the charts like an enraged behemoth, pushing its way onto everyone’s lips. To be honest, he outdid himself with an enthralling performance. The cherry on top was when he had rainfall on stage while performing versions of his popular songs.

Genius stories are rare, as is the moment when Black Sherif declared,  Kweku killa don’t lie when I say I did it What does it benefit a genuine person to lie? He knows where he came from and where he’s going, so he can’t lie. After the introduction, he admitted that he had backslid in certain ways, and indeed, who doesn’t make mistakes on his route to success? He made several mistakes, but what can you expect from a youngster (beginner)?

You will stumble many times, but you must learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward as if you were a rolling stone with no stop time. Every successful traveler understands this. We all require prayers at some time along our journeys, and this is reflected in what he says. ” I can’t watch me fail so if you say a prayer, remember Kweku the traveller”.

KWEKU THE TRAVELLER is aware that we miss him, but he is pursuing success in the wilderness. Black sherif takes a drag from Gyedu Ambulley’s popular song cigarette to back his stand as he chanted on how he’s crazy for the cedis and dollars.


Ghanaians have chastised him for the shambolic way he handled his managerial difficulties as he was assigned the most destructive of tags, Sherif felt the sting of how rapidly the story can flip. Previously, he had been the people’s favorite, the plucky underdog who rose to fame and success by hustling all the way to the top with the release of his Sermons. The young guy didn’t enjoy the sense of being on the wrong side of Ghanaians after it was revealed that he had supposedly dumped his manager, who had catapulted him to fame.

In Kwaku the Traveller, Black Sherif addressed it, admitting that he screwed up but that he’s just a young man who makes errors. He chose genuine contemplation over arrogance, and he quickly silenced all naysayers. After hearing the sheer passion and suffering inherent in the song, it will be difficult to stay on Blacko’s case. He argued that this blunder would not deter him from continuing to hustle. Black Sherif is heading for the stars, and he’ll get there by whatever means necessary.

“Ofcos I f*cked up. Who never f*ck up hands in the air. No hands ? Still I can’t believe, you know what I mean, I was young what do you expect from me,”

“It is what it is,”

At this point, the young guy has spoken everything he can, and it is up to music enthusiasts to forgive him and continue to appreciate the music, or to retain grudges. The young king’s mind is already focused on larger matters, and he believes he has already said enough. Kwaku The Traveller is an apologetic work that expands on the larger future that lies ahead. Not many rappers could respond to criticism as perfectly as Blacko did, highlighting the wise man he is becoming into.

It’s incredible for someone his age, but all we can say is “it is what it is.” This tune is rock solid, and many musicians may learn a thing or two from it. There’s no reason to grade it because it’s the right balance of emotion and ambition. Just enjoy it.

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