Paa Kwasi has send a strong warning to the Zylofon Media Signee “Nana Yaw Kumi” after his comment on facebook. On the 19th day of March, 2018 @15:52, Nana Yaw Kumi (Kumi Guitar) stated on facebook “The Punch is outside the ring targeting ur other half(Ennwai). I know my Punches are too expensive to punch just u. One Stone fr two birds… Come as DOUBLE (U n Ennwai) OR  DIE SINGLE. Dnt say I didn’t warn you”.

Paa Kwasi and Ennwai (Dobble) made lot of hit tracks such as Christy, ol3 s3k3 ni woyi among others and now on #Solo mission. Paa Kwasi has taken the mantle to reply Kumi Guitar “Fair Warning”. Ennwai is yet to respond to the Zylonfon Media signee Kumi Guitar with a track but send another firing message to Kumi Guitar on WhatsApp, Don’t Ride on my Name for Fame.

Waiting for Kumi Guitar to respond to Paa Kwasi. The Dancehall beef has got an upgrade and now into the highlife music.

Production credits to A.T.O. Download!

Paa Kwasi – Fair Warning (Kumi Guitar Diss) (Prod By A.T.O)


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