Some colleagues are using Juju on me – AK Songstress

AK Songstress
AK Songstress

Some colleagues are using Juju on me – AK Songstress. Ghana’s female dancehall artist, AK Songstress has confirmed the use of Black Magic or better still Juju in our showbiz industry as she is a victim of the anomaly. According to AK Songstress, she has been facing spiritual attacks since her most recent song, Jonathan, which she published approximately a month ago, received international acclaim.

“I recall hearing similar allegations, but neither my colleagues nor I took them seriously. We assumed it was just another one of the many stories we hear, but based on what I’ve seen, it appears to be true. People are performing stuff and transporting people to various locations. I was battling s#x for partnerships without realizing there was a broader battle going on.”

“I haven’t been feeling well since this song gained so much attention. It has a lot of views on social media platforms; on Tik Tok, we have approximately 20 million views, and the amount of people that use there for their skits is just encouraging, and just as I get there, it’s one disease after another, and it’s not normal.”

“I know you’re going to ask why I believe it’s spiritual, but I’d rather keep it to myself.” In a phone discussion with Graphic Showbiz, she remarked, “I’d prefer to keep where I went, who said what, and so on to myself, but one thing I know for sure is that there is juju in the system.”

AK Songstress born Akosua Kwakye is a young talented dancehall artiste from the Ashanti Region of Ghana. She grew up with her grandmother and two siblings. Akosua realized her passion for acting and music at a very tender age. She took part in several singing activities in school. Some colleagues are using Juju on me – AK Songstress.

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