All about football predictions: essential knowledge

Football is one of the most popular sports. Fans regularly watch their favourite athletes and cheer for the favourites. Betting on football makes the game more dynamic and exciting. To make this hobby bring only pleasure, it is worth knowing a few simple rules.

Types and features of betting on football in Ukraine

There are two main types of betting on sports today: ordinar and express. The first option is very simple. The player needs to choose one event and bet a certain amount on it. In the case of an express, several events are collected in one coupon, and the odds are multiplied among themselves. As a result, you can get a solid sum. But you should know that if one event fails, the whole coupon will be lost.

The most popular football bets are:

  • the result of the match;
  • total number of goals;
  • number of red and black cards.

The result of the match is a win for one of the teams or a draw. You can also bet on a draw or a win for one team. Total – the sum of all goals. It can be more or less than a certain indicator. You can guess the exact result of the match, but it is quite a risky bet.


You can bet on football both on the whole match and on its half. It is also possible to choose indicators for only one team or an individual player. Bookmakers offer a large number of events. For example, users can bet on the number of free kicks or penalties, and guess the number of substitutions.

Some companies offer special bets on football. They concern substitutions and transfers. In addition, you can guess whether some unusual event will happen, for example, a cat will run onto the pitch. This happens quite rarely, but these bets on football in Ukraine can bring a good amount of money.

Football bets are made on the line or in the live mode. In the first case, choose an event when there is a certain time before the meeting of the teams. It can be a few hours or a week. It is worth noting that betting on football on some outcomes is available only on the line.

Live football bets are made during the broadcast. Watching the match allows you to understand the mood and motivation of the teams. In addition, in live mode, you can catch quite high odds.

How to bet on football

Football betting requires the right approach. You should not just pick a match and bet on any result. Quality analytics is necessary to make a profit from betting.

Before betting on a match you need to analyse:

  1. the general state of the team;
  2. the motivation of the players;
  3. the physical shape of the players;
  4. the presence of injuries and substitutions;
  5. the results of previous meetings.

All this will help to make the most accurate prediction for betting on football in Ukraine. And it is important to pay attention to both teams and evaluate previous face-to-face meetings. It will not be superfluous to familiarise yourself with the standings and the features of the tournament itself.

You should also choose a trusted bookmaker. First of all, you should pay attention to what kind of football bets the platform offers and with what odds. You should not bet on a site where the cost of results is greatly inflated. Bookmakers always offer approximately the same odds, high rates are a sign of a fraudulent platform.

It is worth spending a little time to familiarise yourself with the reviews of other users. This is the best indicator of the bookmaker’s performance. It is not worth overlooking the methods of depositing to withdraw funds. The bonus system gives you the opportunity to bet on football today without risking your own budget.

Football betting strategies today

Betting on football is very easy. But it is worth sticking to a strategy to minimise the risks. It can be:

  • betting on a draw;
  • betting on yellow cards;
  • betting on goals.

On a draw they give very good odds. But this result happens quite rarely. To make such bets on football, you need to take into account several factors. First of all, there should be no clear favourite in the game. Second: teams often play in a draw and this result suits both teams. And the third: the teams have scored few goals in the current season.

Yellow cards are given for offences. Sometimes it happens really accidentally, but there are situations when players violate the rules on purpose. Football betting on yellow cards is better to choose if the match is crucial for both teams. It is also worth paying attention to the referee. Tough and principled specialist will obviously record all violations. And the last point: if both teams often violate and had a lot of yellow cards in previous meetings. For this strategy usually choose a total of more than 1.75 or 2.

It is almost impossible to guess the exact number of goals per match. Therefore, it is better to choose a total of more than 2.5. This strategy is relevant when the teams choose an attacking style. Also, if the draw does not suit either side. The strategy is suitable if the teams score a lot of goals both in one-on-one matches and in general during the season.

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