A Guide to An Artist’s Success On Audiomack

A Guide to An Artist's Success On Audiomack
A Guide to An Artist’s Success On Audiomack

Audiomack has quickly grown to become one of the most popular sites for streaming music of all genres. It was created in 2012 and today has a large user base. Audiomack has over 50 million installs on Google Play, which should give you an idea of how popular the platform is. The website enabled users, particularly musicians, to share their works (Albums, Mixtapes, EPs, and so on) for fans to readily stream. Users can listen to music both on their website and through their mobile app. Audiomack’s mission is to break new musicians and assist them at every level of their careers. Artists accomplish streaming breakthroughs with audiomack, allowing them to freely express their creativity. Most of the time, people squander their time on Audiomack uploading their labored-over projects without making even a pesewa. We are here to guide you through the process of becoming an audiomack success.

Share High-Quality Content on Your Account

After creating an Audiomack account and filling up all of the required information, the following step is to prepare to share Quality songs or content on the account. Sharing high-quality files are not only enjoyable; it also prepares you for a better outcome and makes you more professional. It is recommended that an artist share his or her own work in order to earn money from it. Frequent posting of content on your account will make your fans listen to your works on a daily basis, but if you wait too long to release new songs, [irp] your fans will become hooked to different people. It is recommended that an artist be constant in sharing new content.

Build loyal fans or Followers

Sharing high-quality material makes your account popular and earns you a few followers, but you may need to broaden your reach by using more social media. Audiomack enables producers and users to share their work with loved ones via link sharing. One of the most important ways for an artist to make money from various music streaming platforms is to have a large social media following. Sharing your material on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among others, will help you earn more streams and followers. Making good followers is one of the most important aspects of your success on audiomack.

Apply For the monetization program

The Audiomack Monetization platform, which is a pro feature on the site, allows content creators or owners to earn royalties from their work. Your account must meet their standards before your application is authorized.

Application Requirements


  1. Before you can get approved on the Audiomack Monetization Program (AMP), your account must at least have two mp3 or audio uploaded. This nails why you should upload files regularly. At least uploading two songs in a month will not be bad.
  2. The artiste must have more than 25 followers before he or she can be approved for the program. There are so many ways to build your followers and I have already stated a few of the above. One can make a huge following via social media.
  3. Your account must have a profile picture (best quality). Adding a profile picture to your profile makes your account a professional one. It easily allows your fans to recognize you and that can also help to increase the number of people following your account. I recommend artists use their own and clear pictures for their account profiles.
  4. The account must have a link to at least two of your social media accounts. Authenticating your account with your social media handles makes your account credible and happens to be one of the ways that will prove your ownership of the account.

Why Do You Need To Monetize?

Working for nothing is difficult because as an artist, you must eat from the content you create. The Audiomack Monetization Program allows you to make money while continuing to perform what you enjoy.

You can apply for authentication here.

How To Get Paid

The AMP platform provides a plethora of payment alternatives, the majority of which are determined by the country you are from and their payment provider.

How often do they pay creators?

Audiomack pays on a net-60 basis, or two months after the earning period has ended. Earnings for January, for example, will be paid by the end of March. Users can also withdraw at any moment as long as the amount withdrawn exceeds the estimated transaction fees. Payment requests can take up to four business days to be approved.


How They Calculate Your Payments

They calculate “revenue per stream,” which is a changeable figure calculated on a monthly basis. Audiomack creators are compensated based on the number of streams for their monetized content multiplied by the AMP revenue split of 50%.
Audiomack AMP does not have a defined stream rate; instead, it is determined by the country from which the streams originate.


Artists can monetize whatever content they have on audiomack as long as they have the legal right to submit it, which includes anything that they own outright, have licensed, or have otherwise.

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