Mahama reveals why he’s challenging 2020 election results

Mahama reveals why he’s challenging 2020 election results. In an address to the nation on December 30, 2020, the former president said he chose to petition the Supreme Court over the outcome of the elections not because of ‘a desperate desire for power’ but rather his dedication to the will of Ghanaians.

He also wants every bit of doubt associated with the election results disentangled.

“Some people have asked me what I stand to gain by challenging the results of this election. Let me tell you. I want perhaps the very same thing that my opponent wanted when in 2012 he challenged the election results. I want the removal of doubts. I want all of us to know that our elections should be free, fair and safe and that we won’t have to settle for a process that leaves us confused,” he emphasized.

According to the NDC flagbearer, he craves for a system where state institutions can be held accountable without the fear of losing one’s life.

“I want a Ghana where institutions of state can be held accountable. A Ghana where we can stand on principles and demand accountability without the risk of losing our lives,” he stated.

The National Democratic Congress officially petitioned the Supreme Court to seek legal redress over the outcome of the December 7 polls.

Among other things, the party is seeking an annulment of the result declared by the Electoral Commission on December 9, 2020. Mahama reveals why he’s challenging 2020 election results.

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