Magnom Releases “WE SPEED III”



A Tale of Love and War
If we wanted to choose an album that best described Leonidas’ state of mind on his last night in Sparta, before his departure to the Battle of Thermopylae as depicted by Zack Snyder in the first installation of the 300 franchise, that album would be We Speed III. We Speed III depicts 2 extremes; on one side is Magnom’s Lovey-Dovey persona speaking about Romance and love in the cutest way possible. While on the other side is an unapologetic “War Lord” persona dismissing stereotypes, flexing his pen game and taking shots at adversaries.

Official cover image for Magnom's project "We Speed III" Artwork by Dennison

Official cover image for Magnom’s project “We Speed III”
Artwork by Dennison

It is one thing to have a collection of bangers but is quite the feat to have a collection of bangers but achieve cohesiveness on a project but Magnom has done both with seemingly ridiculous ease. From the beat selection and message on each song to his lyrics and delivery, it is clear that he is in god mode. The tape is sonically beautiful and even though he doesn’t have any production credits for the first time ever on a project that is solely his, he does quite a great job of picking beats.

Official Tracklist and Production Credits for Magnom's "We Speed III" Project Artwork by Dennison

The project has a rare combination of producers: Afrodistrict, Bad Szn, Dred W, Foreign Local, Garvie, Mike Millz,  Moor Sound, Nova, Paq and Yung D3mz which is quite the avenger-esq line up of producers. Featured on We Speed III are Ankwa, Bayku, Copta,  Kelvyn Boy, Khalifina, Kxng Joey, Pappy Kojo, Slim Drumz, Spacely, Tibu and Yung Pabi. We Speed III s out in all digital stores. Stream it and put a friend on!
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