Jahmiel - Rich [Big Move Riddim]
Jahmiel – Rich [Big Move Riddim]
Jahmiel – Rich. Top-notch Jamaican dancehall sensation Jahmiel hops on the newly Big Move Riddim to serve us with a song titled “Rich“. 

The song was Produced by 324 New Empire Records and finally Distributed by Johnny Wonder.

Listen and share!!.


Man just waah live some life

Yeah we just waah live some life yh

Escape from the darkness,full time fi wi

see some light

Yeah…New empire when the tools dem fire


Another life of a youth expire

We need a change dawg

Man great

Tired a gun battle, yow a rich we fi rich

and when we make if out a nuh switch

we fi switch

Yea, me a give thanks on to the most high

Yuh fi member seh him gi we this



Yeah me mother good

Yea me Daddy fi good

Everybody fi good, we living like Hollywood

Big benz man a push, plus me friends deh a foot

Nah mek dem draw we out, mi know a strength dem a look

Yeah, we born inna the ghetto and we wash come out

Nuff a we kotch cah we nuh have nuh house

we a pree big bank account, some large amount

Go ask waterhouse..yeah



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