I Was Born Dead, So You Can't Kill Me - Eno Jabs Medikal
I Was Born Dead, So You Can’t Kill Me – Eno Jabs Medikal

The Ghanaian showbiz business has constantly been hotter even in today of Covid-19 as musicians keep beefing one another day in day out. Someway it has kept the followers more lively and entertained.

Only a few minutes after Medikal describing female rapper Eno Barony as Corpse, the rapper has angrily replied with some heavy punches.

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Replying to Medikal’s publish calling her a corpse, Eno wrote :

I appreciate u doing a verse for me way back and I have never disrespected u in any way nor for clout chasing I only sent out words to the ghost writer and unless u are the ghost writer u can’t feel disrespected. Understand my lyrics first Mr. best rapper. #RapGoddess

I understand you saying you never took a penny. Cuz what I gave you back then compared to now was actually a penny. NO BE TODAY I BE #CORPSE BRO I WAS BORN #DEAD. SO #YOU CAN’T KILL ME. #ArgumentDone #RapGoddess

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