Actress Narrates How She Lost Her Virginity Through An Accident. “I lost My Virginity when two men [email protected] me”- Actress Josephine Arthur. Josephine Arthur, an actress and model, has revealed how she lost her virginity in a “awkward” way. The curvaceous actress says she lost her virginity due to an accident.

Josephine Arthur revealed in an interview with browngh that she was abducted by two men three years ago.

Since the two men took advantage of her, Josephine Arthur admitted that she lost her virginity. Josephine Arthur described the incident as follows: Actress Narrates How She Lost Her Virginity Through An Accident.

” I had lost my virginity due to a mishap. I’ve been abducted in the past. I was also in school at the time. I started at Chemu SHS and finished at Akuapeman SHS. Since I arrived late to school, I was unable to obtain a boarding house and was forced to become a day student.
I stayed with my next-door neighbour’s mother in Akropong. So I met them and went off, and when I returned, the incident began. I had been abducted. They were two gentlemen. They drugged me to the point that I was asleep and unsure of what was going on. When I awoke, I found myself in an unfinished building with antichrist signs strewn around.
They forced me to smoke marijuana. They gave me marijuana to smoke because I had no idea what I was doing and just followed their instructions.
They took advantage of me. They locked me in the house and raped me once they came home from work. It happened three years ago to me, so I’ve moved on.”

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