Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale prominently known as the ADK has had an exceptionally extraordinary year. 2019 which he served music people with what their hearts shouts for. The leader of the Shatta Movement came through with parcel of hit which is a mix of his significant genre – Dancehall , Afrobeats , Ghanaian hiplife and hiphop.

I have brought a rundown of songs discharged by this extraordinary artiste in 2019. The rundown catches melody which he discharged by means of , and spotify. Without wasting time let us begin!!

1.  Shatta Wale – Island

This tune was discharged on the first day of 2019 which is January first. Island is a Dancehall tune which was created by Top Jamaican record maker YGF. Shatta wale and YGF have other subsequent songs released in years back. Island is accessible for buy on iTunes , Listening on by clicking here.

2. Shatta Wale – Another Ghetto Youth

Shatta Wale solely debuted another single on January sixteenth, a low beat Dancehall tune titled Another Ghetto Youth. The great exertion Don Cleff used to create the beat can be accounted as an impact of its  popularity.

Shatta Wale – Another Ghetto Youth (Prod by Don Cleff)

3. Shatta Wale – Life Be Time Ft. Tinny

The first collaboration of shatta Wale and Tinny this year occurred on February first. The two Ghanaian music goliaths stepped on a low rhythm beat created by Shawerz Ebiem to serve music people with Life Be Time. In this melody Shatta Wale advice fans and Worldwide to try sincerely and put trust in God only because life can change anytime, the poor kid can turn into a rich man. Shatta Wale consistently realize how to rouse his fans and that is one explanation which he continues winning the hearts of music lovers. Listen and download Life Be Time by shatta wale here.

Shatta Wale — Life Be Time ft Tinny (Prod by Shawerz Ebiem)

4. Shatta Wale – Heavy Load

On the Conquest Paradise riddim produced by Damage Musiq, Shatta Wale made history with a song titled Heavy load. The song was released on February 5th. The riddim also featured most of the top Jamaican Dancehall stars.

Shatta Wale – Heavy Load (Prod. By Damage Musiq).

5. Shatta Wale – Shatta With 9 Ft. 9TYZ

Shatta Wale recruits Ygf signed Dancehall diva 9TYZ on a club banger titled Shatta With 9. It got premiered on February 8th. Production was done by YGF records.

Shatta Wale – Shatta With 9 Ft. 9TYZ (Prod. By YGF)

6. Shatta Wale – Like Jesus

The ADK – Shatta wale linked up with Chensee Beatz to spice up our various playlists. He titles this as Like Jesus. It was released on February 13th after successful premiere of Shatta With 9 with 9TYZ.

Shatta Wale – Like Jesus (Prod By Chensee Beatz)

7. Shatta Wale – Sign Board

Sign Board a dance-able tune which was discharged on February 18th happens to be the 7th song released by shatta wale in 2019. The song stands to be one of the popular party songs currently in Ghana currently. It was produced by Chensee Beatz.

Shatta Wale – Sign Board (Prod By Chensee Beatz)

8. Shatta Wale – Round 3

The first song in march this year by shatta wale is the one titled ROUND 3. The 8th out of the numerous hit songs released by the dancehall star this year. Production was done by Chensee beatz.

Shatta Wale – Round 3 (Prod. By Chensee Beatz)

9. Shatta Wale – Only One Man

One of the songs that caught the hearts of Ghanaians is Only One Shatta Wale. The powerful song was produced by MOG Beatz. This song was when he introduced his current trending term PAAH PAAH PAAH PAAH.

Shatta Wale – Only One Man (Prod. by MOG Beatz)

10. Shatta Wale – Deliver Me

On March 6th, the independence day in Ghana , Shatta Wale came through with a song Deliver Me. An inspirational song which was produced by YGF records.

Shatta Wale – Deliver Me (Prod. By YGF Records)

11. Shatta Wale – Juju

Produced by Mog Beatz, Shatta wale dishes out this song he calls JUJU. A term which describes BLACK POWER. It was released on March 7th after the release of Deliver Me.

Shatta Wale – Juju (Prod. By MOG Beatz)

12. Shatta Wale – Oko Niko ft. Natty Lee

Wale’s first team up this year with his militants happened on March 8th, he joins with Natty Lee to share this danceable song titled as OKO NIKO. Produced by PAQ.

Shatta Wale – Oko Niko ft. Natty Lee (Prod. by Paq)

13. Shatta Wale – Big God ft Natty Lee

Dancehall sensation Shatta Wale unleashed this second song of the day (8th March) titled ‘BIG GOD’ Featuring Natty Lee. The song was produced by SmokeyBeat.

Shatta Wale – Big God ft Natty Lee (Prod by Smokey Beat)

14. Shatta Wale – Kaakaa Motobi

Shatta Wale served us again with another street banger on 13th March dubbed “Kaakaa Motobi”. He gives a strong warning out to anyone who tends to take him on, on this up-tempo song produced by MOGBeatz.

Shatta Wale – Kaakaa Motobi (Prod. by MOGBeatz)

15. Shatta Wale – Nepa

Shatta Wale solely debuted another single on March 15, a low beat Dancehall tune titled Nepa.

Shatta Wale – Nepa

16. Shatta Wale – Campaign

Campaign is a tune which was unlocked on March 18th by shatta wale. It was produced by PaQ.

Shatta Wale – Campaign (Prod. By Paq)

17. Shatta Wale – When You Fail

Shatta Movement front line artiste shatta wale unleashed this tune on March 20th he titled it as “WHEN YOU FAIL”. Production credits to ItCJ Beatz.

Shatta Wale – When You Fail (Prod. by ItzCJ)

18. Shatta Wale – Aye Halfcast

Aye Halfcast, the last song Shatta Wale released in March. The song was premiered on March 29th. And it was produced by PAQ.

Shatta Wale – Aye Halfcast (Prod. By Paq)

19. Shatta Wale – Store Room

The first Hip-hop song by Shatta Wale was Store Room. It came out on  April 1st. Production by Paq.

Shatta Wale – Store Room (Prod. By Paq)

20. Shatta Wale – Weekend Love

Shatta Wale teamed up once more with YGF records on a sizzling record titled Weekend Love. This happen to be his second release in April.

Shatta Wale – Weekend Love (Prod. By YGF Records)

21. Shatta Wale – Packaging ft. Medikal

On April 20th we witnessed a Shatta Movement and Amg Beyond Control team up!!. Shatta wale unleashed the much awaited Easter banger titled PACKAGING.The song features award winning rapper Medikal. Production by Chensee Beatz.

Shatta Wale – Packaging ft. Medikal (Prod. By Chensee Beatz)

22. Shatta Wale – Run 4 Yuh Lyf

Another song by Shatta Wale titled Run 4 Yuh Lyf. The song according to various comments by internet users, the song was directed to rapper Pope Skinny.

Run 4 Yuh Lyf (Prod. By MOG beatz)

23. Shatta Wale – Hausa Koko

Shatta Wale – Hausa Koko (Prod. By PaQ)

24. Shatta Wale – Changer

On Sunday April 28th, Shatta Wale came out with another jam, A fast tune which was produced by PaQ. The song cannot be left out when talking about top most played songs in our clubs.


25. Shatta Wale – Swizz Bank

The first song in march released by Shatta Wale was Swizz Bank. The song was produced by Shabdon Records.

Swizz Bank (Prod. By Shabdon Records)

26. Shatta Wale – Way To The Top

Unlocked as the second tune of March, Ghanaian award winning dancehall musician shatta  wale came through with a song called Way To The Top. It was produced by PAQ.

Way To The Top (Prod. by PaQ)

27. Shatta Wale – Miami Heights

Shatta Movement headline artiste shatta wale released this tune on May 10th titled MIAMI HEIGHTS. A song produced by Damage Musiq.

Miami Heights (Prod by Damage Musiq)

28. Shatta Wale – Holy Man

After few hours of releasing Miami Heights, Shatta Wale came through also with a new song called Holy Man. Produced by himself.

Shatta Wale – Holy Man (Prod. By Da Maker)

29. Shatta Wale – The Job

Kims Media House and Shatta Wale teamed up to serve us this record titled THE JOB. The song was produced by Kims Media House.

The Job (Prod. By Kims Media House)

30. Shatta Wale – New Formula

New Formula, the second song released in June by Shatta Wale, it came after The Job get premiered. This song was produced by Undabeatz.

New Formula (Prod By Undabeatz)

31. Shatta Wale – Congratulate

The 31st song this year by Shatta Wale was the one titled Congratulate. It was produced by himself and MOG Beatz.


32. Shatta Wale – Dem Possess

Paq and shatta wale consistently links up to serve us with great songs anyday. On this shatta wale calls Dem Possess. It was released on June 19th.


33. Shatta Wale – Tournament 

On this day June 29th, shatta wale did a song for the Black Stars of Ghana to support their success in the previous AFCON tournament. It was produced by PaQ.

Shatta Wale – Tournament (Prod. by Paq)

34. Shatta Wale – Calamity

Calamity was the last song released by Shatta Wale in June. the song was produced by himself.

Calamity (Prod By Damaker)

35. Shatta Wale – 2 Pah Pah 100,000

2 Pah Pah 100,000 (Prod By PaQ)

36. Shatta Wale – What Deh Go On

The second song of July was What Deh Go On, it was produced by NO JOKE.

Shatta Wale – What Deh Go On

37.  Shatta Wale – Melissa

Our leading song of the year was released on 4 July this year.  Production by PaQ and Damaker. Shatta Wale went on a different level with this lovely afrobeat tune. It became a talk of town few hours after release , topped lot of the biggest foreign and Local music Charts. Melissa as at now has been viewed 190445 times on Well, Shatta Wale knows how to serve the ladies.

Shatta Wale – Melissa (Prod By Paq)

38. Shatta Wale – Fool Boy

Shatta Wale – Fool Boy (Bufalo Diss) (Prod. By DaMaker)

39. Shatta Wale – Prepare Di Gunz 

Prepare Di Gunz

40. Shatta Wale – Burial & Memorial Of Buffalo Souljah

Shatta Wale dissed Buffalo Souljah in this song titled BURIAL & MEMORIAL OF BUFFALO SOULJAH.

Shatta Wale – Burial & Memorial Of Buffalo Souljah

41. Shatta Wale – Be Afraid

Shatta Movement leader Shatta Wale launched this lovely masterpiece titled BE AFRAID in July. The record was produced by Gold Up Music and Marcus Records.

Shatta Wale – Be Afraid (Prod. By Gold Up Music)

42. Shatta Wale – Sexy Lady

Shatta Wale got featured on Jamaican award winning producer NotNice’s project KYNG MIDAS. They served us with a song titled Sexy Lady. Produced by NotNice Records.

Shatta Wale – Sexy Lady (Prod. By Notnice Records)

43. Shatta Wale – Vibration (One Way Riddim)

Award winning Dancehall star Shatta Wale hopped on the Vibration Riddim produced by Mario Hemmings and Atto Wallace to serve us with a song called Vibration.

Shatta Wale – Vibration (One Way Riddim)

44. Shatta Wale – The Prophecy

It was released on September 27th, production by PAQ.

Shatta Wale – The Prophecy (Prod. By PaQ)

45. Shatta Wale – Jata Bi (Discotheque)

Purchase on iTunes

46. Shatta Wale – Borjor  

This song was released on Shatta Wale’s birthday October 17th. An afrobeat tune which has become on of the popular songs now.

Shatta Wale – Borjor

47. Shatta –  Wale By All Means

Purchase on itunes

48. Shatta Wale – Bad Man

Purchase on itunes

49. Shatta Wale – California

Purchase on itunes

50. Shatta Wale – Blessings On Me

Purchase on itunes

51. Shatta wale – I Hate Nonsense

This song was released in November, produced by Gigzbeatz.

Shatta wale – I Hate Nonsense (Prod. By Gigzbeatz)

52. Shatta Wale – No Look 

On November 22nd, the ADK came through with this banger he titled NO LOOK. It was produced by Beatz Vampire.

No Look (Prod. By Beatz Vampire)

53. Shatta Wale – SM Assasin

After he released no look, the Ghanaian award-winning dancehall musician Shatta Wale served us with another single titled SM ASSASIN.

Shatta Wale – SM Assasin

54. Shatta Wale – Dem Turn To Beans

Ghanaian dancehall artiste Shatta Wale unlocked this street banger he calls DEM TURN TO BEANS. The records is a follow up song of his previous hit SM ASSASSIN. Produced by Chensee Beatz.

Shatta Wale – Dem Turn To Beans (Prod. By ChenseeBeatz)

55. Shatta Wale – Time No Dey

Shatta Wale – Time No Dey (Prod. By PaQ)

56. Shatta Wale – Anonymous Man 

Anonymous Man

57. Shatta Wale – Opposite (Kpokpomi)

Shatta Wale – Opposite (Kpokpomi) (Prod. by Chensee)

58. Shatta Wale – Do Am For Me (Baba God)

Earlier this year, Shatta Wale came through with another inspirational single he calls DO AM FOR ME. The song was produced by MOG Beatz.

Do Am For Me (Baba God) (Prod by MOG Beatz)

59. Shatta Wale – God Is Alive

The Ghanaian Dancehall Star is came with his hit track Shatta Wale – God Is Alive. The deep song is sincere praise to the Lord coming from the singer. The track is totally different from other works by the artist you have heard before. It was released right after the VGMA incident. Production by DaMaker.

God Is Alive (Prod. BY Damaker)

60. Shatta Wale x Nc Dread – We Gi Dem

Reggae/Dancehall artist based in Cape Town, South Africa – NC Dread and Shatta Wale released this song . The titled  this awe-inspiring song “We Gi Dem” .

We Gi Dem|

61. Shatta Wale – Summer Time ft Gh Cali

Shatta Wale – Summer Time ft Gh Cali

62.  Shatta wale – Bronya

The last song released by Shatta Wale in 2019. The song is titled BRONYA. Ghanaian word which means Christmas. He drops this as a Christmas Gift to his fans Worldwide. The song was produced by PaQ.

Bronya (Prod. by Paq)|

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